New at Tres Blah: Seasons Gatcha - Winter

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey all!
I have some skins out at the Seasons Gatcha winter event. These are skins never released from the Hiccup line and I will be deleting them after the event. So if you liked the Melt skins and Designers United Skins, these are from that line.
Each comes with dark and light brows and are 100L, trans/ no copy.
Happy playing! Pants/191/69/1000

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suzy said...

well not a happy customer, went to the store and purchased 4 skins and makeups and no shape! Not even a nc as to what kinds of shape i can purchase to look like the avatar i was interested in buying. Its a shame that the reply i received was i dont sell the shapes, sorry! Bad business if you ask me!