Monday, May 30, 2011

Darlings, Bubbles is ever so excited about these hairs as they may be two of the prettiest he's made (at least in Bub's opinion, tee hee). Soft wavy medium length hairs that have a subtle sensuality; this is what Bubbles is bringing to the table, and it's sure to bring you a whole new level of fabulousness darlings!

Tableau is the place to get these two saucy hairs at the moment (still working on listing things on Marketplace, a slow process but it *will* happen angels).

Special thanks go to Julliette Westerburg for the idea for the hairstyle. She's a genius!

(Click images for larger view)
Glowing Review: Out Now at Clawtooth!

Good Gracious: Out Now at Clawtooth

"Glowing Review" Coming soon to Clawtooth

"Good Gracious" Coming soon to Clawtooth

These styles are available at the Tableau Clawtooth location

Bubbles loves you all and have a positively splendid week!

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