Special hair packs at Clawtooth

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Darlings, angels, and kittens,
Bubbles adores you all so much and has just been swallowing spoonfuls of guilt thinking about how he hasn't released in forever (since he's been working on hair fair items for this year's fair). He pondered, drank a martini, pondered, built some more hair, drank another martini and THEN came up with a brilliant way to help ease the pain of lack of releases! Special packs of hair featuring the styles from *last* year's hair fair. 3 different packs each one featuring the styles "How soon is now", "Timeless Glamour", and "Goodbye Horses".

Pictures? of course!
The Ghosts of Hair Fair 2009

The Ghosts of Hair Fair 2009

The Ghosts of Hair Fair 2009

Oh! Bubbles forgot to mention that each pack is only 75L! Oh the day is bright and the birds are chirping and Bubbles adores you all sweet, sweet, wonderful creatures.

These hair packs will be available until Sep 4th (the start of this year's hair fair). Come and snatch them up while you can (they are located outside of Clawtooth at the TABLEAU location only).


New skins at Tres Blah

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hi all!
I finally released the skins along with some nail colors, eyes and face paints.

The skins are available in 4 skintones and they include freckles on a tattoo layer, 2 eyebrow shapes, and 3 eyebrow colors. Prices range from 500-600L.

Each fat pack comes with a very cute makeup bag and individual skins are packed in a tres blah bag and compact. They make very cute decor items for your house. Also, the nail colors include a nifty nail polish bottle.
Hope you enjoy! <3

BTW, the skins are out only in Tableau.