Monday, June 10, 2013

Hey all! I have new items out at collabor88 and also I never got around to mentioning the Arcade as well. First off, it's the revival of the 90s at collab and I have some floral dresses and cropped tops. The dresses coming in 2 versions, one with an undershirt and one without. All items are rigged mesh so please demo before buying.

Also, at the Arcade I have a vanity set out that offers many fun decorative items to jazz up your girly space. There are 3 rares and 7 commons. All are 1 prim, except for the Dress Form (4 prims) and the table (7 prims)

In addition to all of the newness, I have also set out past gacha items at my store in Lula. You'll find the Pastry Mania items, Tea Time and some scarves.