New at Tres Blah

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hi all! I have a new top out for the stumblebum brigade event (Feb 27 - March 5). Once the event is over I'll be taking the top down so be sure to grab it while you can.

Available now at Horst and Tableau.

Also, I am working hard on getting the new skins released. I keep pushing the deadline back a bit so now it's sometime in March. :/
Plus, I'll be releasing some limited edition skins for Melt, an event full of amazing artists coming very soon. If you like the skin in the ad then you'll like the skins for the event. :D More info on that coming soon!

The Chills & Glow

Friday, February 26, 2010

New hair this week with 2 different bangs to choose from. Come to Tableau and pick up a demo at lamb!


Clawtooth 50L Friday

Thursday, February 25, 2010

50L Friday at Clawtooth in Tableau! Come and get it while the getting is getable! Woman of the Year in 2 colors darlings! Bubbles loves you, tra la la!

Click image for larger version
50L Friday Woman of the Year

Clawtooth group gift

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Darlings! Bubbles adores you all so much he decided it was time for another little gifty gift! The members of Clawtooth subscriber and regular update groups will get a free gift (the hairstyle "Morning Remake" in the color "Purple Rain").
Group Gift!
The remake of "Good Morning" called "Morning Revamp" features new alpha textures that are flexi.

For those of you who haven't stopped by Clawtooth to check out the new hairs out there is a special pack of "Morning Revamp" available in various color shades for the stumblebum brigade for only 250L (this pack will only be available until Friday evening so hurry, hurry you delightful things).

Also the new hair "shaken not stirred" can be found at tableau under the "New hair" section in the front room of the Clawtooth mansion.

Hope you enjoy the present dearies, Bubbles would kiss you if he hadn't just had this chemical peel. Tra la la!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Darlings! Bubbles had been so deathly ill and fragile so he wasn't able to put out anything new in a while. For this Bubbles would like to make it up to all you dear sweet creatures by offering THREE items this week!

1. Brand new hair called "Shaken not Stirred" (special thanks to Hybrid Ansar who won Bubbles "name this hair" contest via plurk).

(Click for larger view)
"Shaken not Stirred"

2. A remake of the hairstyle "Good Morning" done with flexi prims! This one is called "Morning Revamp". This week has been some trial and error with adding flexi prims to hairs and Bubbles hopes you'll enjoy this one that has more flex then usual! Bounce it out ladies!!

(Click for larger view)
"Morning Revamp"

3. Stumblebum Brigade! For 250L you can get a special 5 hair pack of the "Morning Revamp" hair in a broad color spectrum. Oh honey, everyone loves a sale! Get your cute little buns down there.

(Click for larger view)
"Morning Revamp Stumble Pack"

This pack is only available for 1 week so don't delay!

All new releases are available at the Tableau location. Shaken not stirred is available at Harold (but not Morning revamp yet darlings)

Ta ta angels, Bubbles loves you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Darlings! Oh that day is almost here, the big "V day" that is. For some of you it's a joyful day in which you get to spend some time with a special someone (or many special someones, darlings Bubbles does not judge) and for others it's a time of angry bitter frustration washed down with a fifth of vodka. Either way angels Bubbles wants to try to make this Valentines day just a little nicer with some special 100L Valentines day themed hair packs!

(Click images for larger view)
Valentines day pack @ Clawtooth

Valentines day pack @ Clawtooth

Valentines day pack @ Clawtooth

These packs are available only until Feb 15 so scoot your cute little bottoms over there while you can kittens! Also, Bubbles suggests the Tableau Clawtooth location over the Harold one due to quite a bit of lag at Harold; however, these packs are available at both Tableau and Harold.

New at Tres Blah

Saturday, February 6, 2010

This weekend only, exclusive set for Stumblebum Brigade. The set comes with the pretty me up top, glasses, and wristlet.

Available now at Horst and Tableau.

Also, the hair featured is from Fashionably Dead! I think it's going to be released Monday. It's too pretty for words!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's nearly Friday darlings (50L Friday!!). Bubbles went to the doctor today and apparently has a nasty viral infection that has caused it to feel as though he's swallowing's not pleasant nor fun darlings. Poor sweet dear Bubbles wanted to make sure there was a 50L item out for you wonderful angels though (despite his grave illness and desire to chug this whole bottle of cough syrup with codeine he has sitting in front of him).

This Friday Bubbles has put out the hairstyle "Velvet Moon" in two valentines themed colors "Pink eye" and (appropriately) "Valentine". Come and pick them up outside the Clawtooth mansion in Tableau.

(Click picture to see larger image)
50L Friday item (Feb 5th)

!lamb. Two NEW Hairstyles

Monday, February 1, 2010

I finally finished some new hairstyles and would be delighted if you came on down to Tableau and tried some demos!