Fabulous new long hairstyles at Clawtooth

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh darlings Bubbles is ever so excited about these styles (more excited then the time he discovered mustache wax with a little glitter in it) and hopefully you will be too! "Cosmic Love' and "Cat Call" are both long soft hairstyles that are trendy but classy. Do not run, but walk at a brisk pace (as you're most likely wearing fabulous heels and Bubbles would hate for you to trip angel) to the nearest Clawtooth location and snag a demo!

Cosmic love (Click to see larger image)
Cosmic Love: Coming soon to Clawtooth

Cat Call (Click to see larger image)
Cat Call: Coming soon to Clawtooth!

You can find these at Clawtooth's mainstore (temporary location since Tableau is having a jaunty little face lift) slurl.com/secondlife/Lula/57/112/2689
and on the "Bill" sim (Oh my stars!).

Have an absolutely spectacular day! ta ta!