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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh darlings, Bubbles is so sleepy he can barely keep his lovely eyelids from shutting like trap doors and sending him into a glorious slumber, but he shall stay strong just to send out this notice for you angels, precious and dear to Bubbles's heart!

New this week at Clawtooth:

A brand new hairstyle called "Velvet Moon". Very Bettie Page-ish darlings and you're sure to look absolutely vintage glamour personified in this. Try the demo and you shall see. Available at Tableau and Harold
Velvet Moon
(Click to see larger)

A fancy hat called "Tea Time Party Hat" is second on the menu at Clawtooth. A large and lush bow sits atop a tiny little vintage hat. Detachable fishnet comes with this hat. Both the hat and the fishnet are scripted color change (10 colors each). Available at Tableau and Harold
Tea Time Hat
(Click to see larger)

Last but certainely never least, the Stumblebum Brigade is on this weekend! The special exclusive hair available for Stumblebum is called "Let's Get Marrried". It is a shorter altered version of "A little lift" and is fun, flirty, and very Peggy Sue retro. This is available at HAROLD only from Sat to Sunday evening. Get it while you can as this is an exclusive color pack.
Let's Get Married
(Click to see larger)

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Anonymous said...

happy new year............................................................

Anonymous said...
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Irina Forwzy Fashionista Extraordinaire said...

Okay the let's get married look is phenomenal. I wonder where the dress is from?