The Stumblebum Brigade Event!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hi all again, I have an exclusive color of an upcoming tunic for the Stumblebum Event. (Dec 12-13)

Will be out at midnight at my store in Horst.

Also, Bubbles will also be having some exclusive hair for the event only.

Clawtooth by Clawtooth hair available at Harold.

The stumblebum brigade! Bringing exclusive fashion to YOU! Every weekend 10 designers will be coming out with something unique and exclusive for those 2 days of freedom ONLY, before those poor little items are locked away never to be seen again in the dank caves of their inventory!

This months schedule:

Dec Schedule:
Dec 12-13
1. Tyranny
2. Sn@tch
3. Split pea
4. Haven
5. rbcg
6. Scribble
7. Tres Blah
8. Clawtooth
9. Milk Motion
10. Atomic

Dec 19-20
1. pda
2. Djinn & tonic
3. Lamb
5. Distressed
6.Silent Sparrow
9. Scumpit
10. Lazy Places
graphic By: Kyrsten Jigsaw HEART

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