Tres Blah Skins finally out

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi all! Well the time has come and the skins are out. They're located upstairs in the shop.
This also marks the kind of official reopening of my main store in Horst. The wonderful unicorn in which the store sits in was created by the talented Allegory Mallaprop and the amazing shop inside was built and textured by the lovely Turnip Sorbet. Be sure to hit Turnip up if you want something built. ;)

Clothes will be coming very soon along with new makeups in the coming weeks. Also, be sure to subscribe to the tres blah update group at the front of the store and get this cute Halloween satchel. Only available to group members.

Come on by!


heewa said...

how can i join the group and get this?

Julliette Westerburg said...

oh its a subscribe o matic thingy you click at the very front of the store. near the door. it's on an easel.

Posy said...

I just tried on your skins and they really are amazing... I just looove the face! Thanks for making some beautiful and UNIQUE skins for us!

<3 Posy

Julliette Westerburg said...

aww thank you so much Posy! I'm really glad you like them :)


Hello Julliette,

Just wondering if this skin is also your creation since it was being used by bubbles -

If it is yours, may I know what is it called. The skin looks my ethnic and I really wish to buy it.