Cute blah houses for sell!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've been putting this off for so long, but finally *whew,* I have the houses, that some of you have been asking for, up for sell. They're only for sell at my Amicitia location and also will be, in a matter of minutes really, on SL Exchange. In Amicitia, you can see some examples of the cozy shanty and the Juju House. The cozy shanty (which may look different due to the owners own modifications) is located across the shopping center. The Juju house is located near the corner of the cross streets, not far from the shops.

Also for sell, is a cute bistro set:

That's it for now! Later chicos and chicas.


Barnes said...


They are fabulous

Julliette Westerburg said...

Thanks so much, barnes! ^___-

caLLie cLine said...

i love them too!!! i've enjoyed them for the last 2 months!!! i'm glad everyone else can now too!!!

ty ty ty!



Julliette Westerburg said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying the houses, callie!!

Lana Miranda said...

*cries happy tears* Jujubean is the bees knees! These are so awesome.

Julliette Westerburg said...

Lana banana!! You be the schiznitt that makes the shizzles go nizzles. Luv ya!! <3

Ana Lutetia said...

The houses are SO cute!

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